Ventilation systems are often confused with cooling. These systems are very often unrelated. Cooling systems, popularly known as the conditioning is a technology used to maintain a certain temperature in the room. Ventilation is a system of air exchange: providing fresh and crisp air, and the removal of exhaust air.

Currently, the most widely used method of air exchange is mechanical ventilation, which uses mechanical devices to ensure an adequate amount of fresh air.

Industrial ventilation system

Industrial ventilation system puts a completely different challenge than the ventilation of offices and utility rooms. First, it is not only to provide fresh air, but most of all to remove contaminated air.
Second, these substances need to be filtered and safely neutralized. It is necessary to use technologies carefully matched to the specifics of the industry. We offer individual solutions and our experience in this regard.

Mechanical ventilation systems

Mechanical ventilation systems are the systems of indoor air exchange. It may be small recuperators intended for economical ventilation of small rooms. They may also be large complex systems consisting of multiple devices and ventilation ducts that support large sports facilities or shopping centers. We are able to do any installation from conception to implementation.

Many people think that air conditioning and heating are opposites. But these are two function of the same system. Modern air conditioning systems are not the same as old air conditioners.

Besides cooling in summer, they are also economical heating source , as well as a means for ventilation and humidity stabilization. They are often equipped with a special antibacterial filters and tools for emission of vitamin C that limit diseases and allergies.

The computer control system allows you to reduce operating costs and to control the temperature in any location – locally or remotely, for example via the Internet. The choice of the best device is not simple. Therefore, we suggest you to rely on our experience and the best specialists. We encourage you to contact us.

Systems with variable refrigerant flow

VRV and VRF systems allow for coordinated air conditioning and heating. These innovative solutions have many advantages over older methods of cooling, such as chilled water system.
If you decide to visit us, you will be able to see this solution in practice.
If you are interested in VRV systems and think it may be a good solution in your company contact our experts. They advise you which device configuration is optimal for your needs.

Chilled water system

Chilled water systems are standard solution for majority of commercial properties such as offices, hotels or shopping malls. They are installed in places where both heating and cooling is needed on a large scale. This solution is more economical and more efficient than installing these systems separately.

Split and Multi devices

Split and Multi devices are versatile systems for cooling, heating, but also ventilation and humidifying of rooms. Best suited for residential buildings or separate segments of large buildings.
A few air conditioners of various types: wall, baseboards, ceiling and other can be connected to one device.

Various production facilities have different demands on cooling installation. Depending on the activity and production technologies, there is a different amount of heat that must be removed to obtain the desired temperature. We have practice and possibilities that allow us to meet these requirements. Many times we built industrial cooling systems with cooling capacity of over 2 MW. If you are interested in such solutions please contact our experts.

At the very beginning our first activity was to supply stores in specialized furniture and refrigeration equipment. We started at a time when in Poland there were not large supermarkets and retail chains. So we had the opportunity to work with them from the very beginning and we still work with them today. As the first company in Poland we introduced innovative and versatile Coveni-Pack system.

Refrigeration for shops

We offer a wide range of furniture and equipment for shops refrigeration. It includes:

  • Furnitures
  • Counters
  • Display cases
  • Freezing gondolas
  • refrigerator compartments
  • freezing compartments
  • chillers


We focus on comprehensive customer service. We calculate, choose, design and make complete cooling systems. We always focus on quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Contact our experts if you are interested in our offer.

Conveni-Pack systems

Conveni-Pack is an innovative system that integrates 4 functions: refrigeration, freezing, heating and air conditioning of shops.

The device uses the heat removed from the shelves, chambers and refrigerated counters as well as freezing equipments and uses it to heat the hall. This operation allows to reduce up to half of the operating costs, compared to traditional solutions. First system of this kind in Poland was installed by our company. For this implementation we received an honorary statuette from the manufacturer of the system – Daikin company. It was in 2009 and since then Conveni-Pack has been in our offer and it has been gaining recognition in numerous retail chains. If you are interested in installing such Conveni-pack system in your shop, contact our experts. Together with you they will count the savings you can have thanks to this solution.


Refrigeration Furnitures

We will design, deliver, set, connect to installation refrigeration and freezing furnitures of majority of producers available on Polish market. We can select and install

appropriate sized units, to ensure the safety of the product and proper system operation at any temperatures.

Refrigeration and freezer compartments

Complete cooling or freezing compartment with equipment from one supplier? It is possible! This is how we work. Calculations, design, supply of materials, compartment construction , cooling installation, aggregates, equipment and commissioning - full range of services.

Dry racks

We supply various racks for shop equipment. We offer solutions of leading suppliers. Please contact our experts.


Complex equipment for grocery store from one supplier - it's our idea.

It would not be complete without small store equipment: customer management system, baskets labellers, scales, slicers, and many other. Everything available in Iglotechnik.


We have complex kitchen equipment for catering facilities such as canteens, hotels, restaurants, etc. Our offer includes the device for thermal treatment of ingredients, cooking as well as storage of products. We have experience in the construction of the refrigerators and freezers compartments, and ventilation systems indispensable in any large kitchen.

The devices are installed to work not to be broken so that there was no need to serve them

However, if you want the device to be highly filure-free it needs to be of sufficient quality. For those installations, which are used to store materials susceptible to deterioration (food, blood, drugs), we also provide emergency service. It is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day ,by phone – all to ensure the shortest response time to the call.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts

To work efficiently and safety the ventilation system needs to be regularly cleaned.

Entities such as hospitals must strictly obey legal obligation of the regular ventilation clearance. Restaurants, hotels and discos, also need to take care of it, because they are controlled by the Department of health.

However, even if your factory is not controlled by any institutions cleaning of air ducks is a good idea.