About us

Iglotechnik is a specialized executive company , working in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems in western Poland. We are a company with 25 years of experience. At this time we have implemented more than 9000 installations.

The beginning of the company dates back to the 90s, when the company worked as a " Zakład Elektromechaniki ". We mainly repaired and installed refrigeration equipment in small village shops.

In 1992, we registered Iglotechnik. The creation of the brand was closely connected with the first large supermarkets in Poland. “STO” and Intermarche stores in ZIelona Góra were the first significant customers.

In 2000, we hired thirty specialists. In 2010 a hundred.

In a similar rate the list of our customers and associates grew and together with them the company's turnover.

Today, having an established position in the market we can look back with pride. At the same time we are preparing for the years to come, as well as the problems and proposals they will bring.


Company History